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USBPre2 driver BSOD with Windows 8.1?

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  • USBPre2 driver BSOD with Windows 8.1?

    I cannot manage to load any audio application with ASIO4ALL with Windows 8.1 Update 1 without getting a BSOD.

    If I uninstall Update 1, everything runs smooth, as soon as I install Update 1, BSOD every time.

    Same happens on my laptop...

    I've tried everything (including contacting the developers of the driver -Ploytec- without any reply on their behalf)

    I've opened the problematic file (USBPre2a.sys) with a PE explorer and found out that it's exactly the same file used on a keyboard that terratec distributed back in '08 (Area 61), which perhaps could be part of the problem (as in file that hasn't been reviewed in half a decade?!)

    Is there anyone here with the USBPre2 and Windows 8.1 x64 (with all the updates) who is experiencing the same problem?

    PS: I've seen in the page of ASIO4ALL that the Numark 4trak experiences exactly the same problem... and "by mere chance" the driver developer and the driver structure is exactly the same than the USBPre2.

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    Have you tried our ASIO driver?

    Best thing to do would be to contact support on the phone: +1-608-524-0625. These problems are much easier to troubleshoot in real-time rather than on the forums.

    Matt Mayer

    "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'"
    - Isaac Asimov


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      Yes I have tried you ASIO driver, unfortunately I load the driver through ASIO4ALL for many reasons (main reason is that I use more than 1 card, other reasons are the fact that accessing the Control Panel of the ASIO driver is impossible if a DAW host isn't open, which triggers a huge amount of problems, for example not being able to change buffer sizes within Pro Tools without having to restart the whole DAW........ which is something that makes no sense in 2014).

      The BSOD I am talking about is derived from the driver you provide though, the offending file is USBPre2a.sys, which is a 2008 file for another device renamed (seriously).

      As I said before, the company that develops the driver also develops the driver for other companies having the same issue (such as the Numark 4trak, which I read on their forum).

      I could call your support line (which I suppose i'll have to do) however, a driver that hasn't been touched since 2011 (accordnig to the file), that was made for a device which isn't anymore in the market (Terratec Area 61, released half a decade ago), that stops working in 2 computers as soon as I install an update and starts working as if nothing had happened as soon as I uninstall it, would make a phone call more or less useless.

      UPDATE: I have just received an email from Ploytec where they tell me they are aware of the problem and "some" companies are starting to release their drivers updates. So I suppose it'd be good if Sound Devices could also tell them we're also waiting for an update... (?)


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        I've also been having a lot of trouble with the usbpre 2 asio driver on windows 7. If I try asio4all I get bluescreens, if I use the SD asio driver at random points in my session I get huge latency problems that are only resolved by exiting pro tools and restarting the interface, very frustrating. In a particular BSOD it did say USBPre2a.sys was a culprit


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          Hello Calumari,
          How long have you been having this issue?
          Have you done and updates to your windows computer recently?
          Are both drivers installed on your machine at the same time?
          If so we recommend you uninstall both and reinstall the one you'd like to use.

          Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the USBPre 2?
          Are you connecting the USBPre 2 directly to your computer or to a hub?
          Are having this issues specifically with Pro Tools or regardless of the program you use?


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            The issue has been there from the beginning. I did have the support team look in to this issue before and I was sent a replacement unit but I'm still experiencing the same issue so it's definitely a software issue. I get the latency at randomly whilst I'm using pro tools, the unit will "switch", then the "pre" and "pc" LEDs on the usbpre will blink. After that if I hit play it takes about a second before the meters light up on the pre. Then the remedy is to exit pro tools, disconnect and reconnect the usbpre, sometimes this will take several try's before the lag in the signal is gone.

            I'm not using a hub, I have tried several usb cables and every isn port in my computer. I've reinstalled Windows on new hard drives with every single driver being up to date, also Windows being up to date. Asio4all is no longer on my system, the problem was occurring as soon as I got the device using only the SD ASIO driver


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              Is there a particular Sample rate that you're using in Pro Tools?
              Does this latency happen with other programs/DAWS?


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                Hello. Sound Devices offered me ZERO help when I had this problem with Win 8.1. I had to look for the developer of the driver and they send me an updated version of the drivers.

                TBH I was kinda dissapointed on SD. But oh, well.

                Contact the driver developer, they will send you an update - or you can try the one they sent me it works like a charm.

                I hope I could help.


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                  Hi Alejocazu,

                  We've looked through our records and can't find any contact from you, but we certainly may have missed this. We'd love to help you in any way possible. Can you call 608-524-0625 and ask to speak with me? I would like to follow up and confirm that you're USB Pre 2 is working properly with your system. Thanks for your continued support.

                  Best Regards,
                  Nelson Lugo


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                    Dear Nelson,

                    Thanks for your reply.

                    I wrote an email to [email protected] titled "2 Questions about USBPre2 firmware and driver." on 6th May, 2014 (!). To which SD never replied. So I thought about going to the official forum. So here I am (was).

                    With all due respect, what do you mean "you looked through your records"? Isn't this forum and the replies of SD employees part of a record? I started this thread on July, 2014 and had Matt Mayer give me a poor "have you tried downloading our drivers" reply (you can see in this very thread). I mean, really? Did he even read the original post?

                    On my own I had to find out which company developed your drivers and how to contact them... It was a pain to do it, but I managed, and they AGREED there was a problem (I talked to Mr. Medau) and they were rolling an update.

                    To my suprise, the ASIO driver you offer is still the same, so basically either Ploytec never informed you about the bug, or you totally ignored them (us, because I started this thread with quite a lot of information).

                    Ever since Ploytec sent me the new driver, my USBPre2 works like a charm, so I never contacted you back (what for?), anyways, you can still download the driver from my Dropbox and update the one on your site.


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                      Hi Alejo,

                      You're welcome and thank you for your prompt response. I wasn't aware that you had e-mailed us back in 2014. When I mentioned that I looked through our records, I meant that I checked our call & e-mail log for this year. Thanks for clarifying, and apologies since we certainly may have missed this back then!

                      At the time that you were unfortunately running into this issue, we were not aware that there was a problem. Glad to hear that Ploytec was able to address this problem and provide you with the updated driver. Thanks for confirming that after your USB Pre 2 has been working properly . I'll download this driver and forward it to our team. Thank for bringing this to my attention and for your continued support! Hope you have a great day.

                      Best Regards,
                      Nelson Lugo