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  • Corrupt File

    Hi. I am having occasional issues with the very last last file recorded onto different CF cards. It has happened a couple of times this week and has been flagged up by the editing assistant who
    is uploading and syncing my rushes. The assistant editor has not been able to upload the file and tells me they are corrupt.
    The only file that is being corrupted is the very last file recorded onto the CF card be it on the mornings sound rushes CF card or the evenings sound rushes CF card.
    The back up file on both my 788T and external hard drive has been absolutely fine and not corrupted.
    I have had this problem a couple of other times recently and on further investigation I have discovered this problem has only effected the very last file recorded before the CF card was ejected and
    passed onto the assistant editor or in the case of my previous job the DIT.
    I am using the latest software.
    Anyone come across this problem?

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    Be sure you are allowing the card to finish writing before pulling the card.