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  • Stereo MS linking


    is it possible to adjust the stereowidth, if two channes are linked Stereo ms without using the gain? Did not find a solution. Why not use the second channel fader?
    And if I reveres phase on the side channel left and right should flip but they don't. Some mess happens here, or am I wrong?

    I'd like to be able to play with ms width to record it on the camera in stereo - but also record the pre fader ms signals on the 664 without changing the gain.
    And if I use the mic upside down I should be able to flip the sides...


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    Hello. When channels are linked, the odd channel pan controls the balance of the microphone signals to the LR and X1/X2 tracks. That adjustment should affect your stereo width. The odd and even trim controls actually affect gain of each microphone while the fader controls overall gain for both mics.


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      Thanks! I know, but I don't want to change pan but stereo width :/


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        Adjusting gain seems to be the only way to adjust stereo width on the 664. Input/output delays may be able to further affect the stereo width without adjusting gain, but such delays are not possible on the 664.


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          Any official opinion?
          I found out that even mixpre-d can handle that issue...


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            Hello CHPW, I am happy to add your request to our feature request list for the 664. However, in the meantime can you please send a quick video of what you are trying to accomplish to [email protected]? Thank you. Please note that this forum is closing at the end of the month. Please direct future requests to our support page, which can be found here: