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How to locate the serial number of my 302

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  • How to locate the serial number of my 302

    Hi Guys,

    As per the title, I'm trying to locate the serial number on my 302.

    A couple of months ago my 302 was stolen on a job and I've just replaced it, thinking it would never be found. However, (cue dramatic underscore) this morning brought in some new information leading me to believe that I might have caught the thief and recovered the unit.

    Unfortunately, the only way I can prove that the unit is mine would be to confirm the serial number. I have a serial number noted for the stolen unit but when checking for the serial number on the new unit, I can't seem to find anything matching on the device itself. The number I have taken down came from the box which I would hope lines up with the device somehow.

    Long story short, I have the serial number from the box of the stolen unit but need to know how I can connect that to the device in the supposed thief's possession.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Matt,

    I just responded to the e-mail you sent to our support team. Just in case, if the sticker containing the serial # of the 302 was removed, there should be a a serial # on the big capacitor that's on the PCB. I think only the side panel would have to be removed for you to locate this. Thanks.

    Best Regards,