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  • Forum closing for Facebook

    Right now, I can go right here to the 633 forum for 633-specific things. On the facebook group, I need to look through all posts to maybe find something related to the 633.
    Will there be "Sub-Groups" on the FB pages ? If not, pretty sad to await the end of this forum. Cannot believe it.

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    Hi Joaquim,

    You can use the search tab on the FB group page for 633 or specific product topics. The FB group has over 5k members and it's a great way for users to communicate and help each other out, share experiences etc. If you need tech support assistance, you can always reach our team directly by calling us at 608-524-0625 during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5pm CST) or submit an inquiry through our website:

    Thanks for your continued support! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Best Regards,


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      Thanks Nelson, for pointing out the search function within the SD group (I am not really an active FB member and not so familiar with all the FB functions).
      Still like the "need" for a comprehensive title for a thread in forums. That enables a quick "scan" of interesting posts on one page.
      And I cannot find a "subscribe to this post"-function in FB, to keep in touch with later replies.