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  • Flying 722

    Due to some clumsiness involving one of our 8 year old 722s on the benchtop, (wired up as a headphone amp for a mixer test) and tangled cables, the bare 722 with attached cables took a flying leap off the bench, onto the linoleum-on-concrete floor. It was not powered on. It appears to have hit the front lower posts area first, from the linoleum transfer. After scraping off the linoleum, there does not appear to be the slightest damage to the unit at all. Not a scratch, bend or anything. Actually, the lower front panel tab came out of its slot, but I just pushed it back in. I ran it in record mode for an hour or so, and all seems normal. I'll try more functions Monday before declaring it fit, and I'll have it open soon enough for a PATA to SATA upgrade.

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    Re: Flying 722

    Y'know, for many years now - when asked for my professional opinion as to 'just how good' an SD machine is, I've often used the analogy: "If this machine was to fly out the window and land on the concrete, I'd be 100% confident that it would work".

    I've never actually tested that theory, I have seen plenty of other machines come off pretty badly after being sneezed on. Great to hear that my own theory stands up when tested!

    However there are limits, I do know of a 722 that took an unexpected dip in a river and wasn't so happy about it - fair enough too!


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      Going slightly off topic Louie, what bridge adapter have you got to convert to SATA?
      Andy UK


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        There is an accessory available from Sound Devices that will allow SATA drives to be used in 722 and 744T units.

        Look for the XL-SATA on this page:
        Matt Mayer

        "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'"
        - Isaac Asimov


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          Indeed, we simply bought 2 SD XL-SATA adapters for our 2 machines. The machine in question has been back on on the job, after a scheduled replacement of the HD, CF cards, and battery. The internal battery was replaced long ago with a Sanyo eneloop low self discharge AA.