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Pix240i images showing horizontal purple line

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  • Pix240i images showing horizontal purple line

    Howdy, I'm recording ProResHQ from a Sony PMW-F3 via SDI at 59.94i with my Pix240i. My images display a horizontal purple line running along the top edge (please see attached picture). I'm not seeing the line when recording at 23.976p. Using Firmware v3.52 -- Is there a way I can shoot 59.94i without incurring the purple line?

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Thomas,

    When you get chance, can you update to the latest firmware v3.53:

    Afterwards, reload factory settings and reestablish connections. If your still seeing the purple line, save a setup file and send an e-mail to our tech support team: [email protected] or give us a call at 608-524-0625 so that we can investigate further. Thanks.

    Best Regards,
    Nelson Lugo