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  • File naming - additional option

    I have done several projects now running two 970s as a single 128 channel recorder (rather than main and backup). Using Mono Wav file recording format, with the file name system set to Reel-Scene-Take_Trackname. As we are recording 128 tracks, we end up having to include the real track number at the start of the track name we enter, otherwise we'd end up with a track number 01 from both machines, and so on up to 64. If someone dumps these into one folder from both recorders at any time in post, the just jumble themselves up depending on the alphabetical sequence of the track name text that follows and it's a nightmare to sort out. When we run two machines, and add the track number to the text rack name, we get something like <Reel-Scene-Take_01065 sixty five> for the first track of the second machine, which still takes a bit of brain strain to comprehend in a big stack of files. What would be fantastic is for there to be a menu setting for 'start track numbers at' 1, or 65, or even a user-defined number. Then we'd not have to type in all those track numbers and end up with nice files like <Reel-Take-Scene-65 sixty five>

    Also, it would be great if there could be a dash or underscore after the track number that the 970 automatically generates for mono wavs before it appends the track name text the operator entered, so you'd end up with a file name like <Reel-Scene-Take_01-Ian> rather than <Reel-Scene-Take_01Ian> which is harder to read.


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    Hi Nick,

    Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions. I'll gladly pass your request for future consideration.

    Best Regards,