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HDMI Loop through delay

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  • HDMI Loop through delay

    Hi, Just wondering if it's normal to have such a huge latency on the HDMI loop out to a second monitor?

    All i seem to find online is that people have complained about a 5 frame delay on the Pix-E monitors from their camera. I can't say i had noticed this myself.

    but on passing the signal to a second monitor for director or focus pulling, I am getting a good second of delay on the image.

    I understand that there has to be a certain amount of latency incurred in the process but this seems extreme and makes the port pretty much useless..

    Is there a way to reduce this or am i going to have to find some kind of HDMI splitter solution?

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    Hello Corie,

    The PIX-E monitors are doing a lot of data processing, which can cause some delay. Factors such as the level of quality of the codec and quality of HDMI cables in use can also impact amount of delay. Please make sure that your PIX-E monitors are on the latest firmware release. Please make sure you are using approved media in any monitor that is recording. You might consider restoring factory settings as well to see if that helps reduce the delay.